Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Times, Great Writing

We had some great meetings in August. Ellen Gilbert brought her patriotic poetry and told us the story of how a friend passed it along to Cliff Stearns who read it into the Congressional Record. Shirley Knight shared part of her book, A Journey Through Fire, about her husband's struggle with Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Our members also shared their projects, goals and successes. Christine Ramey attended the Faithwriter's Conference and we anticipate her return with lots of tips and encouragement. Greg Gaines delighted us with the audio component for his inspirational Web site. The creativity of Kristen Blyar's poetry gets our juices flowing each week and has inspired poetry in other members. We continue to learn local history and civics lessons from the series by Lynn Rix who, by the way, earned second place in the Faithwriter's Weekly Challenge for her essay on "smell". Tina Givens evoked memories of "packers" versus "payers" in her kindergarten memoir. We eagerly await the next chapter of Tom Jones' thriller and Tracy Redman shared her goal of obtaining her Master's degree in mental health.

If you have a piece that needs a fresh set of eyes, or need some motivation to start writing again, drop by. We meet every Thursday night from 6:45 to 8:45 to enjoy a relaxed, laughter-filled time of critique, encouragement and fellowship.