Friday, July 13, 2012

L.W. Rondeau’s Newest Book Now Available

Following unprecedented climatic changes, resultant
pestilence and war brought the world into chaos.
Eventually, each nation surrendered its sovereignty to
form a global democracy, initially known as The Accord.
However, the democratic government proved too weak and was soon replaced by a faux democratic rule.

The year is 2073, and current governor of Western America
Province, Edwin Rowlands, is poised to become the
Constitutional Government’s second president. Many fear
that the sweeping reforms found in his proposed
Preservation Act will set him up as a dictator. If enacted,
defection both past and present would become a crime
punishable by death, thus bringing all outlands into
crushing subjection.

While most believe reform is critical, factions disagree on
how to prevent the Preservation Act from becoming law.
Ahmed Farid, second President, believes reform can be
managed within the existing government. Leader of the
Revolutionary Army, Jimmy Kinnear, trusts only in military
intervention. However, Jacob Goodayle, Chairman of
Western America’s illegal outland government, favors

As tensions rise, civil war seems imminent. Who will be the
voice of reason in a world on the verge of a third dark age?
This is our very own Linda Wood Rondeau’s second published book. Check and other online resources for the e-version or hard copy.