Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keeping Focused

Wow, February is nearly over - are you working on your writing goals? I constantly have to remind myself to stay focused. Weekly attendance at
a writing group gives me the motivation to do that.

Janelle is the most disciplined person I know. Each week she establishes a goal and consistently meets it or comes darn close. She has finished her character development and has 20,000 words written for her second novel.

Greg, after much urging from the group and other friends, has launched his blog. Time Worth Taking provides encouragement and inspiration and is another example of accomplishing goals.

Tandeace is using Facebook and Twitter to get her words out. I know she's faithful - I see her on Facebook at least once everyday. Visit her Website at Tandeace Hairston Writes.

Deadlines are a sure fire way to bring focus (or at least stress) to a project. Tracy has been working under that particular gun with two assignments. First, a marketing project - capturing a client's attention in a few well chosen words. Second, a technical paper on dream analysis.

As I work to bring order to my diverse writing interests, seeing others succeed is just the spark I need to keep me on target.

We are currently booking speakers on the following topics:

Using social media for marketing
Getting published without an agent
Setting SMART goals
Freelancing successfully
Editing and critiquing tips

If you have a contact or suggestion for a speaker, please contact Tracy.

Members - remember dues are $1.00 per week payable in January and June - if you haven't sent in your dues, please contact Tracy or Lynn.