Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's New?

This year, in addition to our weekly critique sessions, we've been trying to educate ourselves once a month with videos, workshops and writing exercises

In April, Linda Wood Rondeau presented her workshop on Setting as a Character in preparation for a writing conference in Pennsylvania.  And in May, Joseph Mazerac shared insights he had gained while researching query letters. For our next learning opportunity, Jaye Cherie will bring in some writing exercises to stretch our creative muscles.

I wanted to share these with our online audience, but alas, I'm too techno-challenged to pull it off.  So, if you're interested in tapping into the brilliant minds of First Coast Christian Writers you'll just have to visit us in hot, sunny Florida with miles of sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes. I know, it's a sacrifice...

We aim to do the educational component on the third Thursday of the month, but you can email us at: for confirmation and the topic. The other weeks of the month we do critiques. Bring about six copies of a 1000 words (or less) of your work in progress, double-spaced and line numbered or just listen in -- we promise not to bite!

Don't forget -- our new meeting location is:
See a bunch of Karate Kids? You're in the right spot!

Oakleaf Christian Fellowship
6195-7 Lake Gray Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32244