Saturday, August 24, 2019

Home at Last

It has been a year (or two) of turmoil and change, but we are still here. Well, not the here where we used to be...the new here.

If you've been trying to find us, it's been quite the challenge. So, here's what happened.

After many years of meeting at the Charles Webb Wesconnett Regional Library on 103rd Street, they had a change in policy that only allowed groups to book a room twice a month.

Unwilling to limit our critique time, Joseph Mazerac graciously found us accommodations at his church. That was a great space for about three years. However, the digs were leased while they built their permanent quarters. Hmmm...kinda sounds like a pilgrimage in a strange land...

We excitedly watched their property being prepared and then the new building going up. But alas, at the end of the project forces merged to throw us into a period of wandering in the wilderness. The move in date kept getting pushed back (isn't that how these things always go?) and with Joe traveling for work, we weren't sure where the next meeting would be.

We spent a lot of evenings at Dunkin' Donuts--because they are the makers of manna.

Now we're excited to announce WE HAVE A PERMANENT HOME!
Visit us at: Maranatha Church of Jacksonville, 7550 Collins Road, Jacksonville, FL 32244