First Coast Christian Writers is led by a team of three officers who are committed to:

  • pray for club members, visitors and speakers
  • be accessible by phone and e-mail to answer questions
  • arrive 15 minutes prior to the meeting to assure that members, visitors and speakers are blessed by their participation in our weekly meetings
  • notify fellow officers when unable to attend a weekly meeting
  • bring appropriate forms to meetings
  • support fellow officers with their short and long term goals
  • participate in club leadership training as needed
  • train members interested in taking on leadership roles

The president serves as the club's chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the club.  Specific duties include:

  • assuring good relationships with American Christian Writers and Florida Writers Association
  • maintaining annual listing in Sally Stuart's Christian Writer's Market book
  • ordering club business cards and other marketing materials
  • securing meeting space adequate to support the number of people attending weekly meetings
  • serving as co-signor on FCCW bank account (club officer minutes are required to make changes)
  • supporting other officers in carrying out their duties, providing training as needed
  • maintaining and posting club signage at library entrance and meeting room
  • assuring that room is properly set up 15 minutes before meeting start time
  • starting and ending the meeting on time
  • assuring that the room is clean when leaving
  • collecting all signage and storing until next meeting
Vice President

The vice president presides at club meetings in the absence of the president and is responsible for scheduling appropriate speakers to help members achieve their writing goals.  The VP is also responsible for promoting the club, its members and its speakers to the local media, bookstores and at writing events held in the region.  Specific duties include:

  • providing speaker bio, photo and content to the secretary/treasurer for the newsletter
  • welcoming speakers at 6:30 p.m., helping them set up, and securing  any items they have requested (extension cords, projector, etc.,)
  • notifying members about writing events in the area
  • updating the speaker schedule and regional events on the FCCW calendar
  • ensuring that the speaker's blog entry is posted in a timely manner
  • sending thank you notes to speakers and extending an invitation to join FCCW
  • ensuring that club members have FCCW business cards to hand out
  • taking photos of speakers and members for blog posts
  • promoting club meetings through free local media (newspapers, radio, etc,)
  • writing press releases for well-known or best-selling authors, distributing press releases to local media, coordinating with author's PR agent if s/he has one
  • maintaining an active presence on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)

The secretary/treasurer is responsible for record-keeping for the club.  Specific duties include:

  • distributing copies of the weekly agenda, updating as needed
  • taking minutes in weekly meetings and maintaining them in the officer's book to serve as a permanent record of the meeting, noting important events such as the speaker, visitors, new members joining and success stories.
  • ensuring that blogs are posted on a regular basis to announce upcoming speakers, summarize a speaker's visit, note goals and successes of members
  • send e-mail with each new blog post
  • review blog periodically to ensure all links are working properly and all information is accurate
  • take minutes at monthly officers' meetings and distribute to officers via e-mail within 48 hours
  • update, print and distribute sign-in sheets at weekly meetings and maintain them as a permanent record
  • maintain e-mail list from visitor and membership forms
  • welcome visitors.  Distribute and collect visitors sheets
  • invite visitors to join, provide membership applications and collect dues
  • explain club procedures to new members: raffle, name tags, and critique guidelines
  • set monthly membership goals and enlist support from members to meet these goals.  Conduct ongoing membership-building programs
  • hold members accountable to achieve their writing goals. 
  • encourage absent members to return
  • serve as co-signor on FCCW bank account (officer meeting minutes required to make changes)
  • collect membership dues, visitor dues, monthly raffle. 
  • conduct monthly raffle at the end of the meeting
  • purchase club supplies as needed, such as business cards
  • track all FCCW financial transactions and pay all FCCW invoices after concensus approval by officers in monthly meeting
  • provide financial report in montly officers' meeting