Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Meeting of First Coast Christian Writers

Eleven people attended our first meeting on January 24, 2008. Larry Leech, President of Word Weavers, joined us in our kick-off meeting. The Orlando Word Weavers gave me the inspiration to start a similar group closer to home. They have a unique critique format that's magical. After visiting their critique group just once, I realized that I needed to create the same opportunity for writers in Jacksonville. Larry told his story of what Word Weavers has done for his writing career and for many others in the Orlando area.

IMG_1788 - Cropped

Participants had the opportunity to get to know each other and to hear my vision for the group. Several people expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to give and receive support from fellow writers. This was a big encouragement to me and provided me with even more assurance that this group is meant to be.

Everyone also had the opportunity to provide input into FCCW Guidelines that spell out the format of our meetings and who will be responsible for what. We used our guidelines as a sample of how to do a critique the Word Weavers way. Larry led one group and I led the other.

My vision is for us to grow to 52 active members by December 31, 2008. That means that we need at least one new member each week. Is God calling you to write?

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