Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whitfield Puts a Humorous Twist on Grammar

Have you ever thought grammar was boring? You wouldn't think so if you were here tonight for Kristi's humorous approach to the rules of language. Kristi believes that English has been devolving  over the years, and we need to keep this in mind when we're writing. Rules are constantly changing  and each style guide has a different twist on the rules. Guidelines for web articles are not the same as those for books in print, for example.


Do you ever end your sentences in prepositions? "That is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put!" Kristi says with her best Winston Churchill accent, as she describes some of the humorous moments in the history of language. Kristi's favorite grammar book is the Gregg Reference Manual by William Sabin. She encourages all writers to have a grammar reference in their writing toolbox.


For those of you who like to work online, you may want to add the Jack Lynch Guide to Grammar and Style to your favorite links. For those of you who don't like to worry about grammar, you may want to hire an editor or befriend a writing partner who is passionate about saying things the right way.


Total attendees at today's meeting: 7

New members joining today: Debra Wilson, Kristi Whitfield, Jim Ovenshire

Total current members: 8

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