Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Your First Readers Aren't Your Audience

This evening, author Vic DiGenti reminded writers that our first readers aren't always our audience. The person who buys the book isn't necessarily the person who reads the book.


Vic suggested that writers do six things in an open:

  1. Get the reader hooked.
  2. Establish a bond between the reader and the lead character.
  3. Set the scene through dialogue or action--show, don't tell.
  4. Get conflict going.
  5. Describe the hero or heroine briefly so readers can picture him or her.
  6. Surprise or startle the reader.

"Writing is an obsessive-compulsive behavior," say DiGenti. I find this to be true as I continue on my quest for researching, experiencing, writing and publishing more and more ideas. There's never enough time to observe and write, experience and write, think and write, read and write! Anyone else agree?

Hope to see you soon at First Coast Christian Writers.

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