Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chicken of the Sea Author Says Surfing Saves

"God gave me surfing to save me," says Paul Hayden, author of Chicken of the Sea. What almost drowned him as a child saved him as an adult. He tried numerous times over the years to write the book, but today it's a reality.


When he lived in Long Island, Paul's friends used to call him the "Chicken of the Sea" because he was afraid of the surf after a near-death experience in the water. Not only did he overcome this fear, but surfing has become one of his passions. Paul says that surfing gives him strength--that the ocean is cleansing. Paul chose to publish this book with Tate, a partnership publisher.

Paul encourages writers to have the faith and conviction not only to write, but also to publish. It takes courage to write about your own life and the people you know, but it's also healing to do so.

After his book was published, one of the teachers from his high school wanted to add his book to her curriculum, but shortly after, she left the school so it didn't work out. What a great idea, however, for schools and colleges to use the books of their graduates!

Paul is currently working on a faith-based novel which he hopes to title, The Nonconformist. He also has a children's book, Byron the Lonely Christmas Tree, coming out very soon. He doesn't use scripture in his faith-based books. He tells his story just like it is from the joy and pain in his life--this is how people can see his faith.

"Write from your heart. Write what you know." Paul writes in a conversational style, no big words.

He writes all his first drafts long-hand. He picked up this habit when he was traveling a lot. He learned to make the most of his time whether he was in an airport, hotel or restaurant. He burned through quite a few ink pen refills and he saves the empty ones to quantify his progress.

"If you don't have a name, it's difficult as a first time author, but don't give up. Be patient. God has a plan for you. It's really great when people write to you and tell you that  you've made a difference in their lives."

"Don't let anyone talk you out of following your dream," says Hayden. "And be sure to set deadlines, or you'll never get anything done!"

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