Thursday, November 20, 2008

King Lays Down Life to Make Time to Write

Author Michael Ray King revealed he was a closet writer for twenty years before he decided to come out into the open. Due to insecurity, he felt his knowledge inferior or unworthy to be presented to the public.

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Using John 3:16 as his guiding principle, he shed this apprehension. He concluded that he truly loved writing; therefore, he would lay down his life and “make the time” to write and ensure his book was published. Through intense research, he established his own publishing company and learned the art of creative self-publishing. His discussion was filled with exciting new ways to print, promote and sell.

His main advice to fellow writer’s: use John 3:16 as your guide, every day write 500 word articles at, and blog twice a week.

Together, Mike and his wife Bobbie, co-founded ClearView Press, Inc. in May 2007. Learning the publishing side of writing has been and continues to be an exciting and challenging part of their busy lives. As they move forward with new books, they wear many hats - author, publisher and marketer/promoter.

In this first of what will be many publications, Michael Ray King makes his debut with one of his favorite subjects, Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships. The opportunity to help other men learn what it means to be a solid, caring father is his top priority. Through books, white papers, pamphlets, speaking engagements and consulting, Michael hopes to have a positive impact on the lives of fathers and their children.

Michael won a Royal Palm Literary Award Honorable Mention at the 2008 Florida Writers Association Conference for his book Fatherhood 101

By Priscilla Weaver, VP PR First Coast Christian Writers

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