Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dr. Lorraine Facilitates FCCW Mission Revision

FCCW’s President, Dr. Haataia, spoke at the weekly meeting of FCCW where she facilitated the final draft of FCCW’s Mission Statement.

DSC_2720 Lorraine Haataia, PhD

The original draft was formulated at the December 18th FCCW meeting when the general membership submitted their views on why FCCW exists.

Lorraine guided the members through a brainstorming session in an effort to focus on the core values and key objectives of the group, now in its second year.

Comments and suggestions from the group were myriad, prompting Lorraine to comment, “It’s a real challenge to do this with a room full of writers!”

When the board was full of notes, the final, boiled-down version emerged which read,

FCCW’s mission is to support members through:

· Improving writing skills with education and critiques,

· Networking within the publishing industry, and,

· Holding each other accountable to achieve goals.

Of note, is Dr. Haataia’s handling of all the information. The sheer volume of all the input could have taken all night, but her skills in efficiency consulting among other things, got the job done, and right on time!

The remainder of the evening was dedicated to critiques of a few aspiring writers.

By Ken Overman, FCCW member

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