Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raven's Books Originate In Her Life Journals

FCCW was honored to have Raven captivate us with her contagious love of life as she shared her experiences as a former Broadway star, international model and now author.

DSC03341 Cropped Raven

Raven has published two books: The Runway Models Handbook; and A Day in the Life of a Runway Model with Image & Fashion Tips from the Trade, detailing how models stay beautiful on the road.

Raven began by telling us, “I am not a writer, I am a talker.” Although Raven is an exceptionally dynamic speaker, it isn’t difficult to see that she is a gifted writer as well. She has been writing as long as she can remember, journaling life as it happens. Her books are an overflow of who she is and what she has learned along the way.

She says “Writing is something I volunteer to do.” Her passion shined through as she read us an excerpt from her most recent book, A Day in the Life of a Runway Model. The book is well-written and timely, especially for a culture where women and teens, fascinated with the model industry, need to understand healthy body image.


Raven is currently working on two more books. My Decade on Broadway will highlight that exciting time in her life. Cancer Times Two: A Survival Guide for Caregivers is based on her experience caring for both her mother and husband as they simultaneously battled cancer. The book will focus on the health of caregivers and encourage them to take care of themselves so that they can continue the vital job of caring for their loved ones.

Raven is a native New Yorker, a graduate of The Dalton School and Sarah Lawrence College with advanced degrees from the University of Madrid, Spain and NYU. She is also an adjunct professor at Florida Community College.

Raven is currently the CEO of R-Transformations, LLC, an Image Consulting company located on Amelia Island. To learn more about Raven’s writing and consulting email her at with the subject line: FCCW Blog or contact her at 904-491-8883.

By April Broussard, FCCW Member

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