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Koerner Shares The Belief Formula

Pete Koerner has a refreshing message on the power of prayer.

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Pete reminds us that prayer is the oldest form of problem-solving and healing, despite the fact it has been rendered marginally effective through years of ignorance and misunderstanding.  Pete recalls as a child in Tennessee how few people seemed to understand Biblical wisdom.  He remembers thinking that most adults just did not "get it," or grasp that everything is possible. 

His father worked for Delta Airlines, so Pete grew up around airports with a love for airplanes and anything that flew. Pete also grew up watching television shows about firefighters and other public safety action-adventures that fueled his imagination.  He recalls wonderful hours of pretending his big wheel was a fire truck or imagining how cool it would be to have a barber's chair in his room because it would have made an awesome helicopter.  His imagination was non-stop, always looking at how to make things more exciting and fun.  He was armed with his Biblical wisdom of "everything is possible" when he tried to copy his favorite actor on the TV show S.W.A.T. and burned his hands trying to rappel down a of the things he learned the hard way... So this was his quest in life; to make his dreams reality. 

Later in life Pete found the things he imagined as a child unfolding as realities in his life – becoming a public safety worker, firefighter and instructor as well as earning a pilot’s license and flying airplanes and helicopters. Whatever his heart desired, life would bring the opportunities and he only needed to say, “Yes,” and be willing to follow his instincts.  This is when he started to realize his gut and heart were “thinking-organs.” These “thinking-organs” would produce their own type of prayer life that gave life to his dreams if he simply followed their guidance.  They were his silent guides, leading him through life to the right opportunities with subtle feelings and impulses – and sometimes very clear “knowings.”

He questioned and questioned and in his journey the answers came, sometimes they weren't the answers he'd expect, but eventually he learned, “be careful what you ask for, you will get an answer!” He experienced his most profound "silent dream" coming to fruition in 2002 when he opened his mouth and out of nowhere his words said "I need a laptop." His wife, Jennifer, was stunned and asked, “Why?" 

"I am going to write some books." Pete answered. He had no idea where this compulsion came from.  He was as stunned as his wife.  So he went out and bought the laptop.  That evening, he found he had purchased a very expensive card game – not knowing what to do with the laptop other than play Solitaire.  But, after playing Solitaire for about three-days, he just sat down and started to type. Before he knew it he had typed 5,000-words.  He had no idea what he wrote, but it sounded good enough.  So, the next day this continued – and the next and the next.  Until eventually he had a number of lengthy essays. 

He had no idea what he had written or why he written it; it all flowed from his subconscious. Not knowing what to do with these essays – which turned out to be chapters of his book – he did what any good son would do; he gave them to his mom who encouraged him to keep writing.  In the end, it took him two weeks to write a book. Each time he would read the book he would become inspired to add to it. By the time he had read and re-read the book a few times, he had added another 10,000 – 20,000 words.  It took on a life of its own. 

The collective unconscious exists all around us, much like radio waves, and different frequencies of energy are all around us.  The collective unconscious has all knowledge in it; we can tap into this knowledge by tuning in the right frequency much like a TV or radio tunes-in to the right frequencies.  Desire becomes a practical tool to tune us into the right information.  Once we have connected to the right desire and information we now add the right amount of belief to achieve results. If you can clearly see what you want you will get it.  This is the science of prayer. This is where he came up with his Belief Formula.

Pete's life has been shaped by his openness to the word of the subconscious. It is through his openness to opportunity, that his gut and heart have taken him on impossible journeys. He never wanted to be a writer. As a matter of fact in high school he hated English class and was actually had to repeat it. But he did have big dreams that his writing and teaching have helped him accomplish. Because he said, “Yes,” to an impulse from his heart, an unlikely event led him to the realization of several dreams he otherwise may not have realized.

“Prayer is much older than any religion, and can be explained in such a way that it will become clear what a real and powerful tool we have access to in Prayer — ALL of us.
If you don’t pray because you think it is a religious thing, you should think again. Prayer is thought; thought is prayer. It is our thoughts that create our lives; we just need to learn what that means and start using what we learn. The greatest minds of all-time have always said thing like, “As a man thinketh, so it is done unto him.”
Prayer works the same way for everyone — the only difference between one person and another is their understanding of how such things operate. As a child, I knew I was supposed to be talking to God, but I had no real concept of how to make my wishes heard.”

After years of studying medicine, religion, religious history, physics, energy psychology, and the realm of the human mind and thought, it has become clear that we have simply been ignoring the obvious to our own detriment. We have a valuable and powerful tool in Prayer; we need only understand it and start using it constructively in our lives.

At times things might look scary, but if your heart says, "Yes!" you will achieve it.  People will look at a mountain, feel overwhelmed and never take the journey.  It is often believed it will be easier just to coast downhill. It usually turns out that coasting downhill can lead to a swamp; whereas the uphill journey leads to the top of the mountain and the best views of life. Your dreams need positive reinforcement from you; you have to believe to the point you know anything truly is possible.

DSC00360 - Tracy, Redman, Karen Godfrey, Pete Koerner, Lorraine Haataia, Lynn Rix, Frank Green

Pete Koerner with Tracy Redman, Karen Godfrey, Lorraine Haataia, Lynn Rix, and Frank Green.

As we can see, Pete has put the Belief Formula to the test throughout his life – flying airplanes, helicopters, driving fire trucks, scuba diving, mountain climbing, kayaking, and traveling to many parts of the world teaching the secrets of creating and loving your own life. Pete has successfully navigated the business and entrepreneurial world – starting several successful businesses – and he continues to explore new ideas for growth.
Pete is dedicated to helping humanity reach its highest potential by using ancient wisdom and cutting edge science to teach scientific prayer and techniques for personal growth and transformation. Pete conducts retreats and seminars, and speaks and writes on the subjects of healing, prayer, and philosophy. He has helped hundreds of individuals achieve better health and greater happiness with his transformational techniques and methods – helping them free themselves from limiting beliefs so they can achieve their hearts desires and live their dreams. For more information on what Pete is up to, or to read any of his hundreds of articles on the power of the human mind, natural health, weight-loss, success and relationship enhancement, just visit:

The link -- which is Pete’s blog site is an archived of his articles on the subjects of: Natural health and healing; Stress and Weight management; Relationship enhancement; Success; and the Power of the Human Mind (Prayer/Spirituality/etc...). There are hundreds of articles there; so, if you enjoyed The Belief Formula, or that concept, those articles offer that perspective on those subjects...

There's also a Free E-book available at that site. It teaches The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -- a technique that Pete and his wife  Jennifer (and thousands of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches, etc...) use in private practice to overcome stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, and even allergies and other medical problems.   Pete has planted his world to open up to you at his website.  You will leave there refreshed and encouraged.  I know we all felt refreshed and encouraged just to hear him speak.

by Tracy Redman, FCCW Treasurer

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