Friday, April 22, 2011

Kia Ricchi to Speak Thursday, April 28

Kia Ricchi (aka The Contractress) is a Florida-licensed building contractor. Since earning her licensure in 1998, Kia has completed numerous residential and commercial projects including several for the State of Florida.

Kia Ricchi has written articles for national publications such as Fine Homebuilding, Remodeling, and Image.

She is also a frequent guest on NPR and other nationally syndicated radio show.

Avoiding The Con in Construction has won the 2010 Indie Excellence Book Award and the Independent Publisher’s Living Well Award. Her book is endorsed by the Building Officials Association of Florida and the National Association of Contractor Licensing. The Library Journal review stated:

"In this extremely useful book, Ricchi, a woman building contractor, introduces property owners to construction contracting in understandable language. She discusses how to avoid common pitfalls and survive the entire process. The purpose here is not to defame contractors but to make readers knowledgeable customers. Planning, pricing, and many other important factors are neatly explained. This specialized book is highly recommended."

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