Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Writing Successes

I love to write about the successes of our writers!  And, at FCCW we’re fortunate to have two hot commodities. 

Jaye Cherie launched her debut novel, “The Gold Digger’s Club” on January 3 of this year.  Hope you’ve gotten your copy, because as of March 27 there were only 1500 remaining.  We’re eagerly awaiting her second novel, which we know will do equally well. 

Linda Rondeau has received a contract from Trestle Press for her second novel, “America II”.  Look for it to come out this summer.  And she has a publisher ‘very interested’ in her third novel. 

It’s contest season and Dalyn Woods has entered her novel into two contests hoping to catch the eye of an agent and/or publisher. 

Kirk and Adam are busily working on their projects and bring us new material to critique weekly.  Hey guys—you better catch up with the girls!

We’d love to see what you’re working on.  So, dig through the sweaters and shoes in the bottom of the closet until you find the box, dust off that manuscript and bring it in.  We promise to be kind. 

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