Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Someone asked me today if I enjoyed the long weekend. What? There was a holiday?

I’m a stay-at-home daughter so doctor visits are the main event around my house. Days are broken into three important time periods: medication, lunch and sun downing. 

In the morning the day stretches out endlessly before me. I don’t have anything scheduled. I’ll get a lot of writing today as soon as I do the grocery shopping or wash the dishes or mow the lawn.

And, because I’m old, that activity wears me out. I rest for a minute or an hour. I don’t have anything scheduled this afternoon. I’ll get a lot of writing done. Then I chase a wayward dust bunny or a wayward mother.

Before I know it night has fallen, but the next day is a clean slate. I don’t have anything scheduled tomorrow. I’ll get a lot of writing done.

The problem is I don’t have anything scheduled, including writing time. How can someone with a full time job write an entire book when I can’t get chapter one edited? They don’t have more hours in their day. They’ve learned to manage their time. They have a schedule.

So today, I’m going to get a lot of writing done. I have it scheduled.

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Doctor Lorraine said...

Thank you for this important reminder! Although I don't have to take care of my mother or mow the lawn, I often have one more thing to do each day before I get to writing. As soon as I finish writing this comment and get back from my dentist appointment, I need to work on one of my writing projects!

Lorraine Haataia, FCCW Founder