Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gunter Motivates Writers to Chase Dreams

First Coast Christian Writer’s Group had the privilege of meeting Almon Gunter, Author of the book Focus on the Final Seconds.

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Focus on the Final Seconds, has received 5 out of 5 stars on Almon considers himself a “country boy” and advises anyone who writes, to write however you talk.

“To have what you want you create it.” Almon ran for Florida State University until the age of 22, when he entered the corporate world, for 6 years. He then quit his job to chase his dream. At the ages of 29 and 33 he became the 13th fastest runner in the world, when competing in the Olympics.

Almon is passionate about everything he does. He wrote his book in 30 days, and says that your best writing comes when you do not understand your writing.

Almon also does motivational speaking, mostly in very large corporations, and runs several sports training camps for youth.

On February 18, 1988 he started his company, and his first client was CSX Transportation. Quitting his job at Barnett Bank, he did not turn back, and began achieving for himself. He cautioned us to be aware of family and friends that may say what we were seeking after could not be done. “Don’t waste energy on “downers”.” He goes on to say, “Friends that are not in from the beginning cannot get in at the end.”

Almon truly is a motivator, and is an inspiration to listen to!

To learn more about Almon, check out his website at:

By Karen Godfrey, FCCW Member

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