Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tory Wilcox is busy in the writer’s kitchen!

Don’t be surprised if on your way to breakfast, at an Original House of Pancakes restaurant, you spot an advertisement in the window for the book:

The First Pancake
A Recipe for Delectable Life Transitions
By Tory G. Wilcox.

Tory Wilcox - DSC04723 - Cropped

This was just one example of promotion and publicity Tory so enthusiastically shared with us at the FCCW meeting. Tory spoke from soup to nuts, so to speak, about the writing and publishing process.

Tory Wilcox is a psychotherapist, coach and author. Her book, The First Pancake, provides guidance to those undergoing a life transition using an original understandable pancake metaphor that normalizes the transition process and enables you to strive for more delectable pancakes.

Through Tory’s experience, of writing and publishing her book, she offered the group a concise and highly creative outline, titled “How to Make a Pancake; A Recipe for Success.”

Tory took us through several steps, directing and focusing on why one writes. Do you write to?

  • Leave a legacy
  • Help others
  • Establish expertise
  • Be part of a platform

“In asking yourself the question; Why is writing important to me?” Tory explains, “You will come closer to understanding your vision.”


Tory also reiterated more than once, that the most important component in the writing process is to realize and set your goals. A few examples of Tory’s outline:

  • What are your goals or vision?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your genre?
  • What makes your book unique?
  • Do you have time and money to market and publicize your book?
  • Do you want to use editorial services?
  • How many books do you hope to sell?

The group learned of several publishing options, as Tory was gracious enough to help us move forward through her experience. With passion and excitement, Tory shared her recipe for writing. Ready…set…bake!

You may reach Tory Wilcox at:

By Linda Feist, FCCW Member

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