Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beehner Shares True Wealth by the Book

Founder and CEO of Wise Counsel, John has worked with leading entrepreneurs over the course of his career, as well as owning his own businesses.

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That experience would perfectly position him to write his book, True Wealth by the Book – a collection of inspirational stories targeted to business leaders about how 100 well-known Americans built character and learned moral and spiritual truths.

Despite his business experience, a fear of failure and insecurities about writing made John reluctant to author the book even though he sensed God’s leading. He ultimately obeyed the call and decided to hire a ghost writer for the project to overcome his concerns. During the process of writing the book, John says that he grew spiritually as he sought God in a deeper way. He encouraged FCCW members to follow their calling at all costs even if it means losing money on the project and having to confront tough personal obstacles like fear or pride.

While researching and planning the book, John received what could be called divine direction as to how best to reach his audience. While on the treadmill one day, he got a phone call in which he and the caller discussed the Ten Commandments. The caller asserted that they were not only the origin of spiritual law, but all moral law as well. After reflecting on the call, John realized that foundation for the book should be about moral and spiritual principles for acquiring true wealth. Like the Bible, John’s book would use stories, parables and illustrations to communicate the principles to business leaders.

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With the book’s direction firmly established, John then needed to get his book printed and in the hands of CEOs and entrepreneurs. He determined that the best option for him was to self-publish. John shared his experience with the group including the extensive research he undertook before deciding on a printer in the Midwest.

To market his book, John joined PMA (a self-publishers group) and hired a PR firm to set up radio interviews. He also promotes the book through personal networking and his business workshops. The success of John’s book led to two subsequent reprints for a total of 15,000 copies printed.

Based on the principles in the book, John has also produced a video series called Genesis: The Business Workshop. John says that both the book and the video series have helped business leaders learn to trust God. He now hopes to take to the book and series to churches as well as marketing them on the internet.

To learn more about John Beehner, see his website

By Tina Givens, FCCW VP of Public Relations

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