Thursday, June 11, 2009

Levy Combines His Love of Food and Writing

Larry Levy spoke to the FCCW group on June 11th about writing as well as his love of food, which he attributes to the generosity of his parents.

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“I grew up outside of New York City,” he explained, “Which made fine dining very accessible.” His parents introduced him to many culinary experiences, which sparked his love of cooking. Larry’s other passion, writing, produced several short stories and poems during his college years.

The combination of food and writing, as well as the influence of his daughters Mya, Lea and Ava all of whom have a penchant for helping out in the kitchen, became the catalyst for Mr. Levy’s first published book Harry The Hungry Frog, Harry Ventures Out. In this first book of the series we are introduced to a frog named Harry, who knows there is more to taste than bugs and flies. Harry goes on several adventures looking for yummy food and on the journey learns politeness and develops friendships. An added surprise is a pizza recipe at the back of the book.

In light of Mr. Levy’s personality, which is full of vivaciousness and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder he was dressed in a green shirt and frog patterned tie. As an entrepreneur who started and eventually sold his own business, Larry is no newcomer to the importance of promotion.

“You need to market your book as if it were a product,” Larry explained. And in doing so, Mr. Levy regaled us with many whimsical stories and encounters. “Marketing your book takes you out and about which only helps the networking process, thus producing sales.” The author showed true excitement and shared many stories about the process. Here is someone totally passionate about their work.

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Mr. Levy commented on the fact, that through networking you can find the talent you need.

His short children’s story, Harry The Hungry Frog, took eight months to complete, from conception to store shelves. It took three months to find an illustrator. His, “Diamond in the rough,” was a stay at home mom who was an illustrator for children’s books. It was a perfect fit.

Larry first addressed the group with, “I’m going to re-kindle that desire within all of you to embrace writing, welcome the promotion process, and enjoy it every step of the way.” He discussed how he uses his vehicle as a traveling book sale van. “I have a table and promotional materials at the ready wherever I go,” Larry beamed, “You never know when an opportunity to promote will arise.” Mr. Levy stressed the importance of channeling through your local Chamber of Commerce. “Get out there and use all the tools available,” he encouraged.


Larry Levy has several children’s books on the horizon-it would not be surprising though if several stories came out of his many promotional experiences. He is available for speaking engagements and his talks are centered on running a small business, writing, and developing effective marketing techniques. Who knows he may even whip up a meal, food for thought anyone?

You can reach Larry Levy at

By Linda Feist, FCCW member

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