Thursday, December 10, 2009

Henderson's Gives Tips on Screen Writing

Ken and Lesa Henderson came tonight to talk to us about screen writing. Lesa began writing at the early age of ten. She knew from that moment she wanted to write somehow and in some way. Lesa had the dream of one day writing a novel. She later met her husband Ken, got married and got involved in ministry with him. Meanwhile, she pursued her writing and was published in national magazines such as Woman's World, Ladies Home Journal, Charisma Magazine and many others. It was not until later in life she felt God calling her to screen writing.

They began working together through the ministry of their church and through the work of writing. They seemed to be every where together and from that learned how to complete each other's sentences when speaking. For several years, they served on the board of MOVIEGUIDE and The Christian Film and Television Commission with Dr Ted Beahr in Hollywood.
They have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people through their work.

Ken and Lesa shared with us the tips to writing a well written screen manuscript.

They urged us to always have a beginning, a strong middle, and a great ending. These were very valuable points as it related to writing. It is valuable because many of the moviews you watch are formed in this way. Ken shared how as they were learning to construct a screenplay they would go to the movies together with a stopwatch to see where the Plot points in it were. They could sit down and watch a movie and have it timed by when the beginning was noted, the middle of the story arrived, and when the closing would come. These were all very important when writing for a screen play of any kind.

Today, they have their own production company and have produced a film 201 Belmont, and written two others ABOVE YOUR DREAMS AND FIRE OUT OF GEORGIA. The latter two are expected to begin filming in 2010.

Lesa also just celebrated the release of her first novel SOMEONE TO TRUST BY WHITROSE PUBLISHING. To contact Lesa on this novel or any other you can view her website at

It was interesting listening to the two of them share, as one would finish what the other was trying to say. They told us it was because of all the time they've spent together ministering and working. I guess that would be tru with anyone you work with as closely as they have to work together!

They also talked about the importance of sending a clear message. They want the message to be clear that they are writing for the Lord! They want those who are lost to receive the message loud and clear.
Christine M Ramey, FCCW Secretary

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