Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hadden Shares His Business Perspective on Writing

Richard began working as a contract trainer for companies that had leadership training programs. He had begun speaking to other companies about these ideas. He got to travel a lot because of that opportunity. One day while landing in Orlando airport, and waiting in the airport that day he received a phone call from his old friend Bill. Bill talked to him for a while explaining that he wanted to see him and share his ideas for writing a book. His friend, Bill had been working on the book for a while. They later met up and shared their ideas and begun to develop the book until it was completed.

It was in 1995, that Bill called Richard and asked to meet him in Orlando. While they met, he shared with Richard his ideas for the book Contented Cows Give Better Milk. He wanted to reach the leadership of these businesses. By doing this, they could present it to the leaders and the leaders would then pass the message along to the employee's. While Richard was there in Orlando and talking with Bill, he had asked him to help him write his book as he had been struggling with the ideas of the book. So, Richard agree. Now, back in 1995 the only way they could view each other's work was through email. Google docs was not around at that time.

Luckily for them, they later discovered Google docs. Google docs allowed them to be looking at each other's work at the very same time. They could make their changes and save it to pass it back and forth. For a long time that was how they worked together as a team. Often times, they would call on another and share their ideas with each other to confirm each other's ideas. Once the book was finished it was time for them to decide how they would publish it. This became the hard part of publishing a book. Deciding who would do that. After much consideration, they decided to publish it themselves.

They hired a consultant that was a friend of a friend of Bill's. This really helped them with doing self publishing. They had no idea how to do any of the technical part of publishing. So, their consultant helped to accomplish this. The first book that was self-published came out in December 1997. This book was called Contented Cows Give Better Milk. They had several designs to choose from for this book. Needless to say, it was the cover that caused the book to sell.

Later they began to learn the marketing side of being a self-published book. They talked with several radio stations to help them with their search. As they began, that they printed about five hundered cards and sent them to those radio stations and got eighty five responses back. They were amazed by the amount of responses they got back. Within one of those responses they got an offer to speak with Clark Howard. Clark Howard was not the one that Richard spoke with, but had someone else that took his place that night. It was around Christmas time that this interview was to take place and all of the employees had gone home early. So, he got the replacement speaker. This was in 1997 in Atlant.

Nevertheless, Richard took the spot and took the call from his office. He began speaking with the young lady that did the interview. He answered the questions as best as he could and before he knew the phone lines began to ring. He wondered who was calling him on Christmas Eve. He didn't realize that it was peple responding from the interview.

His wife had set up a website for him that allowed people to purchase the book online. When he was done with the show and had gone home he had twenty one orders waiting. He was in disbelief.

They began to market the book after that speaking engagement. Richard was able to gain speaking engagements including CNN and many others. Richard loves to speak in front of people as that is his primary job. Contented Cows has given him the opportunity to share his business plans with many companies that are struggling in their leadership skills.

Christine M Ramey, FCCW Secretary

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